One of the most daunting things that you must learn to deal with as a fantasy football manager is the “win or you are out” format of an NFL survivor pool. For those who may not know, the NFL survivor pools also known as suicide pool or knockout pool involves picking one NFL team per week. If the team you pick win its game, then you survive until the following week where you get to pick again.  If your pick happens to lose a game, then your entry is eliminated from the pool.

What makes the NFL survivor pool exhilarating is the fact that you get to pick a team only once per season. For instance, if you pick Seattle during week 2 this year, then you are never going to pick them again. This strategy is what has made the NFL survivor pool quite scary since you have to pick with caution in order to avoid being eliminated. However, just like fantasy football, you can get the most out of value-based principles in order to make well-informed decisions. Through this action, you will become a more competitive player thus increasing your chances of surviving in the NFL survivor pool.

What it takes to “Stay alive” in the NFL Survivor Contest

When playing fantasy football, you can be able to draft a player regardless of whether your opponent has drafted him or not. Furthermore, you have to outdo all of your opponents instead of achieving the highest fantasy points in a few weeks.  For this reason, coming up with an optimal fantasy strategy tends to be quite hard since you have to reassess your options in order to make the best decision based on the options that remain.

The NFL survivor pool is quite similar since it follows the same dynamics. Actually, surviving the pool until a given week is not going to win you anything.  Instead, you have to outdo all your opponents in order to win the pool. The good thing about the NFL survivor contest is that any decisions your competitors make plays a key role in determining the best strategy to use in order to beat them.

How to Make Picks in NFL Survivor Pools

Beating every opponent you are up against is one of the hardest things that you need to deal with when taking part in NFL survivor pools.This is regardless of whether you are in a smaller or bigger pool since you must learn to come up with the best NFL survivor picks. Therefore, when taking part in NFL survivor contest, you must try your level best to survive the opening weeks. To increase your chances of surviving, you should consider going with the safest and most popular teams.  Whatever the situation, you must avoid making bad decisions since they are only going to get you eliminated even before you start having fun. Remember to get expert advice if you are to pick the best teams hassle free.


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